When Jamie met Dom…or, well, the other way round

I love Jamie Oliver and I was lucky enough to meet him this weekend at Fifteen London’s ten year anniversary! Very exciting. 

I love Jamie Oliver because of how he campaigns fearlessly to change the way the children of the world eat. He is a lone crusader within the public arena but I know he has much support at grassroots level. I always wanted to meet him and tell him that he is an inspiration, and I did.

They held a food fair outside the restaurant and I tasted the delicious offerings of The Rib Man. You should all absolutely seek this food stall out if you get the chance. I didn’t try his hot sauce, because I am a wimp who is very averse to hot foods, but I hear very good things. The Rib Man himself seemed, in the brief time it took to serve me, a very nice and friendly fella and I am sure his success comes from not only being a provider of great food, but also a nice guy.


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