Give blood, spread the word…get told off

I blogged about my experience of giving blood.

I blogged fairly and accurately about the thing that I had done and I feel that I received what many in my industry would call a ‘social media fail’.

I was asked to take an image down because it showed a needle in my arm. I did get a few twitter messages saying that it looked a bit gross but equally, it was a fair an accurate representation of what happened.

While having blood taken I did ask the nurse whether I could take the photo and post it on my blog and she said “Yes”.

My objection is that by taking the picture down I am not offering a real and genuine depiction of how blood is taken.

I am not suggesting that people need or even want to see a needle sticking out of my arm BUT I believe that censorship of this image is wrong.

Blood is taken by a needle and not by fairies caressing your veins.

Blood is taken by a needle, not a nurse singing you 80s dance tunes until it discos out your system.

You get the picture…

I do still suggest you go and give blood though. Find your nearest donation point at

Don’t forget…they may use a needle…


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