Adam Hills

Adam Hills has been in danger of being pigeon-holed as a disabled comic because of his hugely successful Last Leg tv show, but what else is there to this Australian comedian?

With his new show, Happyism, for which I was privileged enough to see a work in progress show, Adam Hills stopped being a disabled comedian and became a comedian of the people. His audience banter was second to none, despite at one point it getting a little awkward when an audience members periods were discussed. His focus on positivity and family was refreshing and a very original way of travelling those oft trodden comedic pathways. Catch him when you can and devour all of him you can because despite his already long career, he is on the way up. (Plus he gave me a cookie!)

DS and AH

Enjoyment value

Rating five

Value for money

ValueAt £7 this show was incredible value


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