Angel – Northern Line

Today (Saturday 20 April) someone who lives in Barcelona, but used to live in Angel, commented on these pages. They said they were keen to see the Angel poem from the tube collection. As I’d not written it I jumped on the tube at Highgate and went to Angel. This is what I thought…

The excitement of Angel,
First stop for fun on the bank branch.
Everyone skips from the train.

Commuters stand,
They know the truth.

Naive first-timers leap with faith.
The single longest escalator on the tube.

The Angel Inn long since closed
But as you leave the station
A mecca for cool awaits.




  1. Thank you Dominic!

    And now feeling rather nostalgic for my old haunts in Angel I am going to go out and ride my bike into the sunset of Barcelona (or just down the road to have a quick coffeee in the sun before it disappears 🙂 )

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