Placa de George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair)

Just off Las Ramblas in Barcelona, there is a square named after the great writer George Orwell. He fought in Barcelona against the fascist forces of Franco.

Barcelona’s irony watches guard
Twenty four – seven
Over the square, Eric Arthur Blair.

Cameras pointed at the cameras
That are pointed at the cameras
And families
And tourists
And waiters.

Where will the harm come
From the electronics salesman,
The wispy barman
Or maybe the children at play.

Whichever way,
Stay guarded.
They’re watching you
Watching them
Watching you.
And neither party knows why.
In the square,
Eric Arthur Blair.

BH7dQmcCUAANr7J.jpg large



      1. Next time I’m there I’ll get you a beer as a thank you for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂 you’re very lucky to live in a very special part of our world

      2. I know, this city is just great!
        But Dominic-you make your own luck 😉

        Love the Euston poem too. When will you do Angel? (Before chasing the sun all the way here that’s where I used to live)

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