The Queen’s speech

I have never really seen the problem with the monarchy until recently. This years speech by the Queen was the final straw and revealed her to be a slightly uneducated and wholly disinterested mouthpiece who gave up caring long ago.

If was needed,
Proof of faith,
That rich to rich
And poor to poor,

Puppets for money lenders,
Centuries of betraying,
Forced subjugation.
No abdication.

Colonist says move no more,
Unemployed says spend some more,
Privileged says complain no more.

The subjective face,
Of the objective truth,
Is withered and worn,
Turning against is treachery
So only the brave speak.

Complicity in terror,
Against the working mass.
Never a cobbled street will they walk
With a damning realisation
That it’s all they’ll ever know.

Oh dresser of my notes,
Face of my coins,
Be gone.
We need heroes
Not heirs.


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