Patchy – Illuminations

It’s not often I get the chance to listen to albums before they come out, but I jumped at the chance to have a preview listen to the first album from Patchy. It may not seem incredibly sensitive to live tweet a review of someone’s album because lets face it, no one likes to be judged, and no one likes to be judged in a drawn out manner over 40 minutes. But I did…

Track 1Dreams – Upbeat, great track to start an album.

Track 2Picnic – Says it in the title, a summer track me thinks…sat in regents park with a stereo…

Track 3Brixtonia – A bit heavier, darker maybe, self-reflective and thought provoking lyrics.

Track 4Solutions – Beautifully simplistic guitar intro, combined with lyrics full of soul.

Track 5Vessel (Interlude) – Instrumental track. Great to accompany on a workout.

Track 6Happy Dark Spirit – Dark with hints of classical. Lyrics worth listening closely to.

Track 7Control – Dare I say it, a fab track that hints at soft techno disco but with urban undertones.

Track 8Delicate – Opens with synths and takes you on a gentle journey through the agonised, honest lyrics.

Track 9City – Really soulful&kind, would suggest it is of the female ‘Seal’ ilk. (Seal the singer…).

Track 10Starting Now – Upbeat and lyrically deep close to a great eclectic album.

Bonus trackPicnic (Acoustic) – Absolutely beautiful piano version of my stand out track of the album.

Overall, wonderful lyrics and vocals. A great debut album with a wide range of styles making it hard to pin down. Illuminations by @patchyofficial is an unearthed gem.

Illuminations by Patchy is out on Manual Music in June 2013.

You can find out more about Patchy on her website.


Enjoyment rating

Rating fourI don’t think any album can really ever get a 5 wooden block rating because it’s such a subjective medium, but I thought that this was great.


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