England under attack from terrorists and a horrific murder

Yesterday England was subjected to racially motivated acts of terrorism which had police having to fight off armed extremists in the streets. People had to barricade themselves in their homes while violence found its way to their doorstep.

There was also a horrific murder of an innocent man by two absolute bastards who represented nothing or no one.

The terrorism that England was subjected to was performed by white English men. The murder of an innocent man way done by two people who identified themselves as Muslims and weren’t white.

So far no one has yet tried to identify me, or anyone I know, as one of the white English terrorists.

This isn’t because I’m lucky it is because no one ever identifies all white people as perpetrators following a crime or act of terrorism undertaken by white people.

Sadly though, so many people have identified innocent followers of Islam as being as culpable as the two murderers and our newspapers have plastered images of the murderers all over their front pages inciting and aggravating negative feelings towards Muslims.

I feel compelled to say, as an English white male that, the English Defence League do not represent me or my views. They are an organisation who inflict terror on innocent people, therefore they are terrorists.



1. a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

2. a person who terrorises or frightens others.

Did the English Defence League, or any of those who thought that yesterday’s murder was an attack on the English, share any outrage when a 75 year old man was attacked and murdered by a white man with a machete on the street in Birmingham?

To comprehend the reality of what such accusations and knee jerk comments do, ask yourself the following:

Does the KKK represent all white Christians?

Does the Westboro Baptist Church represent all white Christians?

Do the terrorist organisation the English Defence League represent you?

Would you be okay if someone attacked your home and family because someone who had the same colour skin/believed in the same god as you had committed a crime in another part of the country?

If your answer to the above four questions is no, then it isn’t the great leap of the imagination to understand that two murderers do not represent Muslims.

You cannot judge a majority by the actions of a minority. If you do, then you prove yourself to be as negative as the minority that you have judged the majority by.

Instead of fighting and blaming, or even defending the role of the armed forces in our society, we should all take a minute to think about the family of the man who was brutally murdered by two people who did not represent anyone or anything.

RIP Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.



  1. Very well put!
    It’s sad how people waste no time in jumping on the bandwagon and how outrage is channeled to make racism somehow acceptable…talk about going back to the dark ages.
    What a disservice to this nation and society as a whole!

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