Ten minutes with Patchy – and YOUR album launch invite!

TOTESFINITOYou are all cordially invited to the album launch the debut record by Patchy, Illuminations, on Tuesday 28 May, 7.30pm, The Social, Little Portland Street, London

Ten minutes with Patchy

Who is Patchy?

Patchy is my musical guise. We are the same person, but she is in some respects the emotional side. I write songs when I’m experiencing a heightened emotion, whether that be sadness, frustration, anger, weariness or contentment. I came up with the name because I’ve always been, or known to be a little scatty and forgetful in the things I do, despite always juggling a lot of stuff now, I used to be properly careless and a bit lazy! There is also the electronic geeky side I indulged myself in when producing, in the art of ‘patching’ using my music software. I’ve lately started Patching using real modulars!

How did you first get into music?

I enveloped myself in music from a young age. It made me feel amazing. The Harmonies, melodies, percussion and voice of simple pop songs even, and all the music I grew up with. I began learning piano by ear from the age of 5 and from there explored the guitar and after that production software, which opened up a whole world of possibility.

What compelled you to make Illuminations?

I suppose an album was always in the realm of possibility for me, I had all these tracks I’d written, which I eventually transferred to electronic music. Even if manual music hadn’t picked up on me and given me this wonderful opportunity, I’d have hopefully made a finalised collection of songs and played them to as many friends as possible. Manual decided it was the next logical step to release an artist album after my single and dance track ‘She can’t stop this’ with Piet Van Dongen, and so formed a brilliant team of Dutch producers who put a sparkle, their own individual mark and professional feel to my somewhat raw productions and after much work and a fun working holiday in techno fuelled Rotterdam, came Illuminations.

I’ve listened to the album and think it’s got a fantastic eclectic range of tracks, do you think the album has a little something for everyone?

I think so, I mean I hope so! My genre is a little vague, there’s dark dubby influences, dancey electronic, 80s synthesisers, upbeat percussion as well as slow downtempo ambience and experimental soundscapes. Each track is very different. So I’d like for listeners to like at least one!

What’s your favourite track on the album, and why?

Control. This is a song of empowerment.

You’re releasing the album on CD as well as digital and I’ve heard you’re looking to release a limited edition vinyl in the future. What do you find so special about having something to hold and to play your music off?

I grew up listening to my parent’s vinyl. I’d go through their whole selection from childhood right through to my early twenties. They actually got rid of most of them during their move to London from Scarborough. This is sweet though, they’ve started collecting the whole lot again, just because I was so upset about it! Having even a cd to look at and hold is pretty special. I love the artwork and the cracking of vinyl. It’s analogue. It’s great having people over and sticking on some records, it is just a satisfying process, kinda like rolling a cigarette. I’d love to release a few copies, to hear what it sounds like and to make the most of the Illuminations artwork. But of course there’s nothing like the anticipation of an iTunes download 😉

Finally, why should we care about Patchy?

I suppose you’ll have to listen to find out if you care or not!

Illuminations is out on Manual Music, and you can pre-order your copy now!



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