Are we nearly there yet?

You know I love a book that combines travel with adventure, but with kids thrown into the mix, does ‘Are we nearly there yet?‘ have the appeal of others in the genre?

Are we nearly there yet?‘ is the heart warming, and at times heart breaking, tale of the Hatch family driving around Britain writing a guide book is certainly family friendly, but to me it has a much wider appeal. It is a book I absolutely swallowed, finishing it in a day and a half, and it made me hugely sad to see it end. Hatch is a gifted story-teller but more than that, he is a man who bared his soul onto a page. For anyone to do that and then to expose it to the world is brave, but more than that, he made it very entertaining. I’d recommend this to all, the childless and parents alike. The follow up ‘Road to Rouen‘ is already on my to-read list.

I recommend a purchase of this book from, as I am sure Ben Hatch would agree, your local book shop.


Enjoyment rating

Rating four


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