I have reacted with a poem…

Today EDL marched in London and people in Grimsby petrol bombed a Mosque. These things brought shame on our society.

I cannot imagine innocent soldier Lee Rigby would have wanted violence on the streets and attacks on innocent families. That is why I am glad that Help For Heroes decided not to accept money from the EDL.

There is no justification for violence as a reaction to violence. You cannot combat terror with terror. This only perpetuates further trouble.

We must all stand up and be counted and say no to extremism, but we must also realise that our actions create extremism.

A question which is sadly not hypothetical…what impression will the innocent children trapped in a burning Mosque have of the people who set fire to the Mosque?

I hope that they are bigger people than those who threw petrol bombs at them. I hope they can walk away and realise that the actions of the individuals do not tarnish a whole group of people.

This would make them more impressive people than those who have reacted aggressively and with abuse and violence to them.

As Woody Guthrie and the Bard of Barking, Billy Bragg, sang: All you fascists are bound to lose.

I have reacted with a poem…

Sad is the day 
That hate floods out
On our streets,
In our communities,
And on our timelines.

The power of the word
Spread with a click,
Sets the world on fire.

False rumour rife
Brings forth vocal minorities.
But they are bravely fought
With words of peace.

It takes great courage
To reflect on tragedy
With warm words
Of condolence,
Then of reconciliation.

To create a world for our children,
We must not bow
To the instinct of blame
When terror comes knocking.


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