I like people watching and I guess I’ve always been reasonably good at thinking a few steps ahead when it comes to peoples reactions. I suppose that’s why for a lot of my formative years I wouldn’t act through fear of causing a negative reactions. We of course know that this then leads on to bad feelings because you should have acted in the first place…but that is what growing up is about.



I knew that if you kissed him,
He’d still walk away.
Because I knew he’d already
I knew that when he arrived
That she’d not be there.
Because I knew she’d not gone for him.
I knew, because he’d told her,
That he wanted her to be there.
I knew that when she ordered a drink,
She’d wait.
I knew that she’d contemplate that drink
And I knew that she’d never finish it.
Because I knew he’d never turn up.
I knew because he had already found
Someone that I knew he really wanted.
But I knew she didn’t want him
And so I knew he’d chase in vain
I knew she’d forsake him.
And I knew it would be agony.
Although you doubt I know,
I knew what would happen,
Because I know that in the end,
He’d never not kiss you back
And go to her,
Who’d not see him to meet another.
Who I knew wouldn’t arrive
Because she was in a different place.
Where I knew he wouldn’t be
Because he wanted to go elsewhere.
But I knew she’d not be there,
And so I knew he’d never go.
I knew, I’ve always known,
People aren’t that complicated.


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