My friends at the East India

Tomorrow night (Sat 1 June) I am going out for dinner with some old friends from University. They are some of the most amazing, inspirational and charismatic people that I have ever known.

We’ve travelled together, laughed together and given each other immeasurable comfort during the bad times. Stupidly we aren’t that good at making time to get together anymore. I do hope that tomorrow kicks us into remedying that. I must admit though, I’m a bit nervous. I don’t know why, they’re my friends. The title, well, they’re my friends and we’re going for tea at the East India restaurant. I am not a complicated man.

My friends at the East India

With trepidation I will sit
Once more at your table.
Curry shared between friends,
Shrouded in talk of times
And new.
Success and failure
Debated as though they are one.
It’s our past
And we are proud,
Because no one but us was there.
No one but us knows what really happened.
In the dark,
We found the light.
As friends
And companions
Home and away.
We fell for each others spirits.
You’re never forgotten,
Even when we don’t speak.
You helped shape
Each step I take.
With ill-informed wisdom
Said with love.
Let’s talk the talk,
Drink the drink
And embrace.
My friends.


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