Patchy launches Illuminations! + my review

The album that I reviewed recently by the lovely Patchy has been launched today!

Below is the run down of my Tweet review of the album, which you can buy here…NOW!

I do recommend this album and gave it a ‘4 wooden block’ rating.

Illuminations by Patchy

Track 1Dreams – Upbeat, great track to start an album.

Track 2Picnic – Says it in the title, a summer track me thinks…sat in regents park with a stereo…

Track 3Brixtonia – A bit heavier, darker maybe, self-reflective and thought provoking lyrics.

Track 4Solutions – Beautifully simplistic guitar intro, combined with lyrics full of soul.

Track 5Vessel (Interlude) – Instrumental track. Great to accompany on a workout.

Track 6Happy Dark Spirit – Dark with hints of classical. Lyrics worth listening closely to.

Track 7Control – Dare I say it, a fab track that hints at soft techno disco but with urban undertones.

Track 8Delicate – Opens with synths and takes you on a gentle journey through the agonised, honest lyrics.

Track 9City – Really soulful and kind, would suggest it is of the female ‘Seal’ ilk. (Seal the singer…).

Track 10Starting Now – Upbeat and lyrically deep close to a great eclectic album.

Bonus trackPicnic (Acoustic) – Absolutely beautiful piano version of my stand out track of the album.

Overall, wonderful lyrics and vocals. A great debut album with a wide range of styles making it hard to pin down. Illuminations by @patchyofficial is an unearthed gem.

Illuminations by Patchy is out now Manual Music.

You can find out more about Patchy on her website.



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