So much is happening in the world. It’s always hectic but recently it seems particularly so.


What do you feel as it passes?

The chance to protest

To fight.

Love or thrive alone.

Missing, then chasing,

To catch what is theirs.

But could have…


You said no to the first,

They said yes to the last.

You’ve got to go dance,

Live fast.

But tiredness overcame

Too early for most.

TV time.


With bitter comes tomorrow

Dining on past opportunities

Watched go by.

It’s like everyone else,

Could what you should.

But they had the drive,

To claim the glory

Of defiance against

Circumstance so constraining

That it rips through your shirt

And down to your pants.

But you know in the heart if

You just



But you don’t and you die.


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