Watch your words

Nowadays, especially in light of the recent troubles in the UK following on from the murder of Lee Rigby, people have become too free and easy with what they share on social media. Sharing anti-immigration postcards and lies about foreign benefit claimants that people don’t think to fact check only helps to spread hate. We need to be more vigilant than ever, take more notice about what we share and make sure we have our facts right.

Watch your words

When the world reads a word

It ceases.


Instead Becoming conversation,



Innovation and energy.

To expand and multiply.


The tyrannical use

Divide and conquer.

Your word,

Their goal.


We must stand guard

Use few Carefully.

Wilful misinterpretation

Can end beauty

And sentiment pure.


When you chose

Your comfy seat to sit,

Be wise.

Make a statement

And stand true.


Because everyone will see



Or plastic.

Intent at every turn.


And when the battle ground

Comes to your door.

These things matter.


Frivolity of action

Makes for gentle mind.


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