The most beautiful walk in the world

I get a bit whimsical sometimes. I was sat on the tube listening to some Edith Piaf, and wrote this.

The most beautiful walk in the world

It always seems to be,
That with mind conscious to
The luxury of my life,
Our Parisian sunset will be a constant.

Ambition shared the world around,
We drank beer in the midnight hour
Beneath the icon.
Where top hats reach for the stars
Joined my legs of virtuous girls
And boys.

Simple pleasure
Exploring our unexplored
But treading the pathway
Of heroes
And heroines
And tourists.

For all of this
Life of wondering
Whether it was all a fallacy.
I have you.
We saw through our eyes
Life drifting on the Seine,
Then life still on the shore.

A delight we took
In ignorance of tongue,
Walking paths we would never
Had we known what the shady did say.

Hand holding on cobbles
Sitting with a vin rouge
Knowing that in all of the lands
Only we are the free.


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