Nothing was ever lost in the telling

Whatever happens, good or bad, the world goes on. You never expect it to and it’s only when you see a natural end to something that you do realise that it all still happens around us and we must cope.

Nothing was ever lost in the telling

Sit down.

Today is the day
Truth to be passed,
In portal of experience,
From me to you.

Now, eternity,
As long as strength sees fit.
You will see the trauma
That death,
And all in-between
Causes to those ill prepared to
Satisfy human instinct and
Suffer along.

Some with pride
Will be seen to show
Tenacity of spirit
Making them stand up,
To be counted
At the deadest of dawns
Because they must,
Because we all must.

Singularly taken
Is ignorant
To humanity.
Moments just make more moments.

When you least expect it to,
In spite of tears and thrashing arms,
Of dutiful victims of circumstance
Making the best,
While others make love
And learn to thrill
Fascinating all around
Forcing screams
Breaking dreams,
The world spins unrelentingly on.


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