Slave of circumstance

Too often now the many seem to be taking the hit for the few. Irresponsibility with the lives and welfare of others is immoral. I’m proud to live in society where if you’re down on your luck, there is help and I will never begrudge paying my taxes to help anyone in need regardless of their origins.

I’m saddened by the fact that some media outlets portray some groups as the people responsible for the Government trying to revoke this.

There is a £32 Billion tax gap, this means that HMRC receive that much less tax than expected.

Compare this to the £60.9 million cost of benefit fraud in the UK.

Why don’t we all put more energy into chasing tax evaders than chasing immigrants (who can’t claim benefits for two years after entering the UK) or those who aren’t in work?

We should not blame the poor and disenfranchised and let the rich roam free, gambling with our lives as they go.

Slave of circumstance

They make paupers
Fit for Crossbones.
Blind to youthful masses
Toying with integrity
Over profitable vice.

A beggar is only a rich man,
In a poor profession.

With each coin
Wasted on excess,
Gambled to move
Decimal points across
Swirling light parades,
We should mourn.
But we forget.

It’s not the ones escaping their own tyranny.
The children of another faith,
Nor the farmer with but chaff to plough.
They’re making outlaws of us all.

When enough turn brave,
Taking the place on the stand,
More will come.

If they don’t,
We will still fight,
Enough of us.
Not to die alone.

This is no call to rise.
One day,
Your door will bang
As catastrophe tries to ally you
Against the many.
They will force a choice.

So wait.

If you will.

And watch the sons and daughters of the good


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