The answer

Gazing at ones navel can be productive at times.

The answer

Forty-nine years,
Sixteen weeks,
Two days,
Nine hours,
Eleven minutes,
Fifty-two seconds,
And then it hit him.

The train.

And as he entered the kingdom of heaven,
He turned left.
Before him stood all of the answers,
With no choice but to listen,
He sat.

Realising his wrongs and rights,
He wept.
Unable to change his days and nights,
Righteousness sought.

A tear burst the cloud,
As he plummeted he knew
That he’d keep falling.
But then around him
Wood flew and a perfume advertisement
On the platform broke the descent.

Sitting up
He gazed at his hands.
Second chance.

Sixteen years,
Fourteen weeks,
One day,
Nine hours,
Thirty-eight minutes,
One second,
He hadn’t applied the answers.

He couldn’t again weep
For ignorance.



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