Life’s running track

We’re all in different places, and that tends to mean we compare ourselves instead of appreciating the achievements of others.

Life’s running track

No one likes to think
They’ve been left behind.
Where is the glory
Racing to the finish,
When the joy is on the track?

Crossroad after crossroad,
Between competition for futures
Not desired,
Or appearing to fail
In the masses gaze.

The lone soul
Is revered until
They achieve and shame
Those who didn’t try
For the same.

From one starting line
A generation rises
And falls
With action,
And lust for the waking hour.

We all stand,
Each head held high with a different pride.
Procreation, commitment, money
And so on,
Until we lose the will,
Justifying our lives against others.

So much to come our way,
Share compassion.
Create harmony
Before boasting of something
That others may not want.


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