The Humans

Is the hype that has surrounded Matt Haig since the launch of The Humans justified?

Matt Haig has to be my find of 2013. He appeared in my life via Twitter, I tried to avoid the hype, and I failed. I am thrilled that I did. Haig does with The Humans what J.K. Rowling couldn’t with Harry Potter, he offers a consistent voice alongside a story so fantastical, beautiful and insatiable in spirit. He forces you to consider far beyond what you thought your own capacity to be. I found the concept of the story difficult to swallow before reading, and in the first chapters I worried that the consistency and realism in the voice of the protagonist would fade, but I was wrong and it only got stronger. The Humans is the kind of book that for a time after reading you feel unable to lift a pen, or carry a thought, because you feel you may never compare.

Buy your copy of The Humans from your local bookshop, or from Matt Haig’s website.


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