Headline grabber

An old friend of mine pointed out tonight how quickly interest in a topic dies as soon as the hashtag stops trending.

Days ago #istoodwithWendy, as did the world, and now what she stood against is going to silently pass through into law.



It’s sad that we’re so often so keen on being ‘experts’ in everything, that we do not focus and see a battle through to the end.

Headline grabber

When headlines fade,
From black to grey
And red-tops find new anger,
Try to remember
The boys and girls,
Men and women,
Now face their fight alone.

From oppressing rights,
To abortion law,
And gun control.
We remember
To tweet
Forget to stand
In defeat.
Or defiance,
When corruption is shown to reign
And quashed.

Whether or not,
Your kin or friend or foe
Shall be stood in agonies over
A future more bleak,
Stay standing.
We are all in this together.
Or we all lose.


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