Bang Said the Gun v Chill Pill

Poetry v poetry. Let the battle commence!

It was my first ever poetry slam and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The delightful Soho Theatre, London, played host to this war of words between Bang Said the Gun and Chill Pill. The slam consisted of a range of rounds including writing a poem from the headline of the day’s paper, both of course mentioning Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory, and other rounds included picking some classic poetry to read and poetry to music amongst others. The poetry was generally innovative and excellent, and the performers all had a particular spark about them which differentiated them from the crowd of presumably aspiring writers. My highlight was a poem by Simon Mole who discussed what sounds like the most epic high-five of his life. I was disappointed not to hear from the Chill Pill compare Deanna Rodger and I’d have had more audience participation and scraped the slams judges, but this was overall a fantastic event and one I was thrilled to attend. At £5 a ticket it also represented amazing value for money. Both these sets of writers are on the way up, so check their websites and catch them soon.

Find out where Bang Said the Gun and Chill Pill are performing next on their websites.

Enjoyment rating

Rating four

Value for money



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