Island in the sun

This was inspired by Clarke Carlise and his show about footballers who suffer from depression. One in four people suffer, so keep your eyes open. Charities like Mind can help so make sure you know where you can point people for advice and help.

In addition, Maytree – Sanctuary for the suicidal and the Samaritan’s, tel:0845799090, offer superb support for those in need. Never ever be afraid to ask for help.

Island in the sun

One man,
A hero to many,
Stands alone.

No telling what flicks
The light on,
And off,
And keeps it off,
Until sheer force of will,
Or treatment sought,
Switches it again.

One in four can’t be wrong
So three in four must stand tall.
Hold hands that shake in fear,
Rest an arm on the shoulder
Of need.
And secure the future
For those lost.

The only islands where you stand alone
Are those created,
Purposely, or otherwise,
By the resident
Of perpetual shame in what they can’t control.
We must all be boat builders,
And never leave them to isolation.


After I tweeted this, Clarke Carlisle took the time to tweet me. I think that’s really lovely of him 🙂



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