A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast was published after his death, so can it make a good introduction text to those new to Hemingway?

A Moveable Feast, part autobiographical recounting of Hemingway’s time in Paris most notably with his first wife Hadley, and part a dying man’s love letter to a time that he was desperate to return to.  In Hemingway’s indomitable way he has created a selection of stories that seems so matter of fact and at times horrifically dark, while still managing to show off the raw, passionate beauty that he saw in the city that never left him, and within the people who changed his world. Dripping and oozing with the lusty fire and wine fuelled honesty that you would expect from the man it is the perfect explorative Hemingway text for those who haven’t yet delved the depths of this great writers mind. For lovers of literature, Paris, and more importantly lovers of life, A Moveable Feast must make its way onto your reading list.

You can buy A Moveable Feast from a lot of places, but try your local independent bookshop first.

Moveable feast

Enjoyment rating

Rating four

Value for money

ValueAll good books are value for money



  1. I’m not a big fan of Hemingway’s work, but I did loved this book. It surprised me how much I enjoy it, actually, considering I didn’t like too much The sun also rises and couldn’t even finished Farewell to arms.
    Hemingway does a great job describing the atmosphere and spirit of Paris.

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