Look us in the eye

The Government have voted against investigating how their changes in policy are affecting the disabled after defeating an opposition motion from Labour asking them to report on it.

That is because they are cowards. They have not got the courage to look in the eye the lives they have broken for profit.

Look us in the eye

You think you can tell a man how to walk
Tall despite his chair?
Defiant of you.
Trying to limit him,
Because his legs don’t fit.

No room for life suistaining equipment
In your vision of a home.
Two up, two down,
Two middle aged, two young
Eight legs, eight arms,
Four functioning minds,
Four white,
No help.
Sustainable living to suit
The suit
Who has said enough is enough
To the poor,
To the disabled,
To those on times hard.

Take our liberties,
Fought for by heroes past.
Take them,
Burn to cinders the ground gained
Because we will come back,
Our muscles will taut with tension,
Hearts pounding,
Sweat dripping off our battered brow
Carrying those who need us.

Neglect us, we are strong,
But at your peril.


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