Lady liberty wept

Today George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin in cold blood. The decision has shaken the world and has shown some of America to still live in the dark ages.

America, in my experience, is a great and beautiful land and I believe that the vast majority of Americans are also lovely.

The Americans I have known have all been exceptional people, with good kind hearts, but their justice system has shown itself to be rotten to the core.

When the ill cant get their basic needs seen to, they let the gun lobby run riot. When children die, their politicians don’t act to help the victims, they act to protect the interests of those who want to own guns.

While they hunt people like Edward Snowden but let people like Zimmerman go free, I fear for them.

Today has not only been an injustice to the Martin family, but also to every American who believes in fairness, justice, equality and freedom.

Lady Liberty wept

Mistrust in
Unjust courts
Where those with no purpose can leave,
And those who defend themselves
Go down.

Unarmed should mean
No friend, nor foe should feel
The sting of the bullet.
Stand and deliver vigilantism
Aimed at a vocal majority
And still walk away from their crimes,
In the land where ‘free’ is king.

You show no evidence
That you stand for liberty
Despite the lady.

While white male dominance
Lives in the halls of power
Equality will never be the reality
Of those who deserve it.
As one woman faces twenty years For scaring off her violent partner,
A killer of an innocent boy
Roams free.

The irony of the shadow of fear
That he now lives
Isn’t lost on the world.
What has be irreconcilably shredded
Is our respect for you lady liberty.

To chase a file sharer,
But let your people starve
And fall ill, then die,
For universal healthcare is a no no,
Is a wrong you are not undoing.

Instead of taking a stand
For the safety of children, the poor and the innocent,
You let guns hide in the jackets of those
Who can afford them
(and confiscate tampons in your courthouses),
But that’s okay.
Because after all a scrap of paper,
Signed 226 years ago,
Says they can.

RIP Trayvon Martin



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