Never surrender the right to help

I have written a post about my experiences on benefits and I wanted to accompany it with some more creative words.

Never surrender the right to help

When a tear drops
Onto an empty plate,
Be stirred into action.

The privilege of us,
Despite our daily hardships,
Is that we carry those
Who hide from life.
Dignity stripped by queuing
Fortnightly for pittance.

It’s not easy
And that’s what our parents taught us.
But their struggles mean
Our liberty to explore and influence.
Make positive sounds with
The voice our forebears gave.

To pay the tax
And reap the benefits
As and when
Is what heroes died for,
What politicians argued for,
And now, against.

Expectation of infinite support
Only leads to apathy when called upon
To fight for what you already have.

In a time of tyranny to
The poor, disabled, disenfranchised,
Take notice and scream
For the right to keep the rights
Earned and thankfully
Supported by you.


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