Home Office immigration vans – Creating and inciting racial hatred

The Home Office, part of the UK Government, has commissioned vans to drive around London telling illegal immigrants to go home. They are indiscriminately targeting everyone in London with anger and hate and they are not wanted.

The Home Office vans say: “In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest.”

If I walked around London with a sign telling anyone who wasn’t Aryan in appearance to leave the country, I’d be arrested for inciting racial hatred…so why are the Home Office allowed to do it?

The Conservative Party, who lead a coalition Government in the UK, is made up of some vile racists. These angry racist vans are sadly another example of a weak coalition partner, the Lib Dems, letting the Conservatives run riot to appease white middle class middle England. The deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Lib Dems opposes the vans but has done nothing about them, but I suppose that having the tiniest bit of power is worth selling everyone else down the drain for.

Sadly these vans will be a vote winner in some areas of the country, but as always, that is the Tory way – populist policies that discriminate and hurt.

While we all know that some people do come to the UK illegally and may try and exploit the welfare system, many don’t. This isn’t ever reported because “Person escapes persecution to a country who may help them and their family” isn’t a great tabloid headline, and this breeds ignorance in people who don’t know how the news agenda is set. However, a right wing Government and the right wing press, will always try to show immigration in a less that flattering light.

After all, it’s not like the Tories don’t have form for misusing statistics to persecute the poor…

These immigration statistics are from the Office of National Statistics:

  • 515,000 people immigrated to the UK in the year ending June 2012, which is significantly lower than the 589,000 who migrated the previous year. This decrease has caused the fall in net migration;
  • There was a decrease in the number of citizens immigrating to the UK from New Commonwealth countries. 117,000 citizens from New Commonwealth countries immigrated to the UK in the year ending June 2012; significantly lower than 168,000 the previous year;
  • The numbers of citizens immigrating to the UK from EU Accession countries (EU8) decreased significantly. In the year ending June 2012, 62,000 EU8 citizens migrated to UK, which is lower than 86,000 the previous year and the lowest since 2004.

The UK has a long history of being the least welcome illegal immigrants around the world, mistreating people and abusing natural resources in the name of monarchy and country.

At times we as a nation acknowledge our terrible colonial history, but when we’ve been and destroyed a countries infrastructure and then people come here for a better life afterwards, we tell them to go away. There is probably only America who as a nation is less liked than the UK.

I don’t agree that anyone should forever apologise for the mistakes of the past, but I do believe that as a country we have a responsibility to people around the world who we displaced and then disowned.

Even if you have no sympathy with illegal immigrants, consider the Gurkha’s. They are a proud people from the Himalayas who have provided troops for the British Army for well over a hundred years but they are not given the automatic right to live in the UK. Even the immigration package available for Afghan interpreters who have risked their lives to serve the UK is woefully inadequate and has left many stranded and facing death threats.

If we don’t even protect those who risk their lives for the UK, how can we hope to help others?

As a tax payer and decent human being, I am strongly opposed to these vans and I am strongly opposed to the Home Office inciting racial hatred.

Unite - the trade union I am a member of
Unite – the trade union I am a member of
Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “This is a vile act by a government that demeans its office by scrabbling around in the gutter with these stunts. This must not be rolled out nationwide, as some have suggested.

“This is also very dangerous and divisive politics – ministers are giving permission to hate with these vans which is utterly irresponsible.

“This flawed initiative, vigourously promoted by immigration minister Mark Harper, is not directed at offering help to the undocumented community, but planting the seed in people’s minds that they can legitimately blame those often more desperate than themselves for society’s ills and a flatlining economy.

“We are seeking legal advice as to whether this does break the law – and we urge politicians of all parties to speak out against these tactics. The government may sense a victory on the back of this, but it will govern a more divided and frightened nation.

“The Tories are the nasty party that, despite David Cameron’s torrent of smooth words, never really went away.

“Ministers should start to talk more honestly about the fact that the UK needs migrant workers to run its services and numerous studies have shown migrants are net contributors to the economy.

“The real problem is how the collapse in living standards among the UK population is breeding anger. Instead of whipping this up, ministers ought to be coming up with constructive policies that will help people through these tough times.

“It is not migrants who drive down wages – it is employers who won’t pay the rate for the job – that’s why Unite has repeatedly called for an immediate £1.50 an hour increase in the national minimum wage.”


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