Danni Nicholls (@DanniNicholls) – Live and the album

It’s easy to praise friends and sometimes it’s difficult to mean it, but sometimes it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Dani Nicholls launched her album ‘A Little Redemption’ at the Ritzy in Brixton on 10 August.

The album is so incredibly listenable but really I want to tell you about the live Danni.

She is a blues and Americana singer who more than most, takes you on her every journey. Her velveteen voice smothers you in a safe jacket as you travel from England through the mid-west and back again.

As a vocalist she has matured massively from the singer I used to go and see in Kingston years ago, but as a lyricist she has become sublime.

Find out where Danni is playing and make sure you get a copy of her album.

She is excellent and I say that not as a friend, just as someone who loves words, music and knows it when they are it.

She isn’t one for the future, she is one for now.




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