Chill Pill

I have written about Chill Pill before, but they’re absolutely worth mentioning again.

The Chill Pill crew, including personal favourites of mine Simon Mole and Deanna Rodger, turned up at Soho Theatre, London, on Monday 19 August to dazzle a packed out crowd of spoken word lovers. And compared by the irrepressible Adam Kammerling, dazzle they did with passion and enthusiasm which seemed to know no bounds. As they spoke about real things, like real people, they did it in a slightly mystical way just to keep the audience on their toes and not knowing what they would face next. There were also some fantastic guests including Doncaster’s most talented (probably) export, Sally Jenkinson and the awesome Benjamin Hayes who owned the stage so well I swear I saw theatre staff have to pay him to get it back.

For a fiver you won’t get many better nights in London. Find out where the Chill Pill collective are performing next on their websitechill-pill-logoEnjoyment rating

Rating four

Value for money



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