Cafe No! – Berlin

Café No! is an incredibly charming restaurant and winery on the Glinkastrasse, Berlin.

Outside vine leaves arch over the entrance and the windows making it a green refuge on an otherwise sparse and colourless street, and inside a projector displays historical pictures of Germany over the bar and the windowsill is lined with books of photography giving it a warm feeling of somewhere that wants to show off some real heritage and the mood lighting set off the walls spectacularly to make it somewhere to laugh and romance in equal measure. I had, for a starter, a pair of boiled sausages accompanied by a sweet tangy chutney and a delicious warm pretzel. For my main I had a ‘winegrowers platter’ which was a feast of ham, cheese, salami, olives and so on. This was for me, a lover of smoked meats, a delight and a fantastic first dip into German food in Germany. My dining partner had an vegetarian Alsatian flammkuchen (a pizza/tarte type dish) which was itself delicious but on top of the garlic bread we shared as a vegetarian starter, it was too much bread, and the dish was itself big enough to happily forgo a starter anyway. We shared a carafe of house wine which was extremely palatable and worked well with both the meat and vegetarian dishes.

While I’ll never be brave enough to list any restaurants in a foreign city a ‘must visit’, Café No! provided great food, a cool and casual atmosphere and all it in it was good value and I would recommend it as a place to go for quality authentic German food with a twist.


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