Cameron – Clegg – The food snatchers

The Red Cross are working hard to feed…the UK.

How on earth can we continue to let a Tory government, alongside their Lib Dem whipping posts, drag us down as a society?

We were once a proud, welcoming people, but over the last few years the ConDem Government have tried to force people to hate their neighbour because of their income status, wage, background, ethnicity, religion, family heritage and so on. Now that they have create a battleground, they are now mocking the poor who can’t afford to eat and fully expecting society to stand by and take the Michael Gove approach of – it’s all their own fault.

I witnessed this sadly when people on Facebook and Twitter spoke out against providing school dinners for children in primary school. People hate people getting something for what they perceive to be ‘nothing’. The fact is, although it’s only being done as a Lib Dem vote winner, it will save lives because for some children it will be the only food they eat in the day.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that they’re trying to force people out of their homes for £14 a week, while not providing any other housing and while not being willing to force private landlords to charge a reasonable rent.

Every day we hear about the Tories and Lib Dems screwing people over, for example today, with Royal Mail shares being criminally undersold, thus turning over the tax-payer good and proper.

Thatcher may have been a milk-snatching idiot, amongst much more evilness, but Cameron and Clegg are the food snatching, NHS dismantling, society destroying wretches of human beings.

To me, Clegg is worse than Cameron because Clegg lied, Cameron didn’t. Everyone knew that Cameron would be what Cameron is, a privileged Conservative only too willing to ruin the worker for the sake of his mates. Clegg tried to sell us a version of himself which has now been shown to be a lie.

I think the Conservatives have been crueller to the electorate because they’re in a coalition with the Lib Dems. Alone, I think they would have been a more centre version of themselves, but because they’ve got a ‘good-guy partner’, they can run riot with our tax pennies and destroy our morale.

There should not be such a huge gap between the rich and the poor, any company that makes even £1 profit should not be allowed the lay-off staff and we should hold tax avoiding companies, and the Government that is giving them even more tax breaks, to account…

…but some may have switched off by now because it’s ‘not our problem’.

Of course it is our problem. We should boycott the f**k out of places, make some noise, go and petition and march, and even if you don’t, don’t criticise those that do.

In the end, whatever your political views (and if you’re in any way right-wing I don’t expect you to give a f**k about people in other countries), when children are starving on the streets of Britain – you must realise the joke has gone too far.


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