Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair

Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair, the one person show by spoken word artist Simon Mole, was truly an experience you feel moved to have been a part of. 

The evening, held in the Festival Village at the Southbank Centre, was a great piece of homely theatre where people were encouraged to engage with each other. This may sound like some people’s idea of hell, but it was beautifully coordinated and delivered. The audience were seated on dining tables of around 12 people, with nine talented young poets providing ‘table service’ – serenading with their words as we tucked into a delicious bean stew. The main event, Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair was an intricate and delicately crafted piece of art delivered elegantly and confidently by Simon Mole. This show is one of the best thing I’ve seen in years and it is the best spoken word event I have ever been to. The whole audience loved this interactive event and recommendations can’t come high enough.

Find out more about this great show, and where you can catch it, on the Extra Chair website.


Enjoyment rating

A bold statement, but a just statement

Value for money


It was £8 a ticket and I’d have paid double, even without the two course delicious dinner.


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