Unseen Tour – Brick Lane

I went on an Unseen Tour of Brick Lane and was blown away with the experience.

Unseen Tours are led by homeless, and ex-homeless, guides who not only show you the sights and sounds of some of London’s most vibrant areas, but also bring with it insight into the diverse social tapestry which makes London a heaven and hell place to live. Despite the wind and light drizzle, our tour group warmed up pretty quickly once we got going, helped along by our guide, Liz, who was instantly likeable, affable and keen to answer any questions in addition to her well researched and informed tour. I’ve only been on one Unseen Tour so far, but it felt like I was having a unique experience, where knowledge was being shared amongst people not only interested in history, but also the sociological parts of London. Sod street art and ghost walks, if you want to know the city, get to an Unseen Tour.

As their own website says, the tours are with the homeless, not of the homeless, so if you want to experience something that will leave you changed – find out more and book today on their website.  Tours cost £10 per person, though they do tweet discounts so follow them @UnseenTours.

My advice/request – If you do get a discount though, do please pay the rest anyway as it is really worth it, and the guides get 80% overall of money taken.Unseen

Enjoyment rating

Rating four

Value for money



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