Rob Auton and the Sky Show

Rob Auton and his Sky Show stormed the Edinburgh Festival this year, receiving some rave reviews, and I have now been lucky enough to see him do a free show at The Camden Head in Islington.

The idea behind the show is an appreciation of the sky. It works because let’s face it, not many of us really do appreciate or contemplate it. His dead-pan performance was certainly more hit than miss, and he does dutifully point out at the beginning of the show that it’s not for everyone, it was for me though. At times I was aching with laughter, at times I drifted off to look around me and try to see some of the stars in the sky out of the window, and at times a few tears ran down my cheek as Rob performed some of his awe-inspiring poetry. If he performs the show again, grab a ticket because it’s a real treat.

You can find out more about Rob on his website, and you can see Rob perform some excellent words at the first Listen Softly London on Wednesday 11 December.

Also, the venue, The Camden Head, does free comedy 7 nights a week and their line ups are excellent. Find out more…


 Enjoyment rating

Rating four

Value for money



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