Front Line

It’s Remembrance Sunday, a day to remember those who have died for the freedoms we have today.

I always observe a couple of minutes silence to reflect on WW1 and WW2 in particular. In WW1 young men from both sides were sent ill prepared to the trenches and in WW2 people fought bravely against the rise of fascism.

I think it’s a shame that remembrance has now been overtaken by the fundraising efforts of the British Legion to the point where now if you don’t wear one, people abuse you on social media and the BBC force all presenters to wear one, after all, they don’t do that for any other charity fundraising appeal.

I fully support the right for anyone to wear a poppy and to support the British Legion, and I fully support the right not to do either.

I don’t wear a poppy because I have a range of charities I choose to support, and I don’t choose to support military charities. I believe that as Government employees, they should be supported by the Government if they’re injured, and their families should be supported if they’re killed.

The army should now be about creating peace. We’re not under threat, nor ever will be again, and so our army should be a force for good. That is why I hope that one day they’re sent to help civilians in a country where there aren’t oil reserves.

Lions led by donkeys…


Front Line


We fly them far away,
never asking if they need to be there,
or whether they want to be,

while politicians create fear
so that they can send boys,
on missions made for men,

with the training
to know when to fire a bullet,
not when to shake a hand.

Lest we forget


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