Nature Creeping Up The Walls Could Not Protect Him

Nature Creeping Up The Walls Could Not Protect Him

He grew ivy up,

and down,

the length of each wall,

letting it grow over

every ceiling too,

so that they couldn’t get in.


He even let it grow around his feet,

so that they couldn’t rise from below

and confront him.


Ghosts can’t get past nature,

they can’t penetrate,

when all around is pure.


Like a glove that god has slid over pain,


to protect

her fragile creation,

ivy grew and grew,

beginning to envelop all it encountered.


Sitting in the middle of the room,

walls crawling,

shifting with life,

he tapped his heel

and waited.


But waiting for nothing

can be more damaging

than not waiting

and being torn,

shredded by the ghosts

who carry your fears

like a postman’s satchel,

delivering them

right into your hand.


The growth of his solitude,

matched that of the ivy,

which eventually ensnared him.

Suffocating the last gasps of air

from his lungs

and casting him to the heavens,

untouched there by the arrival of

truths carried by poltergeist.


But unfulfilled

and with so many answers yet to find,

his god,

she chose to keep him

in his ivy chamber,

as a white cloaked reminder

to push people to live.


The man wrapped in ivy

lives on still.


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