War Torn

I’m not sure how I’d react to being bombed, but it’s happening to so many around the world.

The blitz that hit London still scars the city, and I doubt it will ever fully heal. I can’t even imagine the massacres that hit Dresden or Coventry and many more besides. I can’t imagine being in one of the cities that is being destroyed as I type.

War Torn

She climbed out of the rubble,
after a kiss from a doodlebug
that brought down
the walls around her
that had withstood for a hundred years.

Wiping grey brick dust from
cheeks rosy with adrenaline,
she stepped and stepped
over furniture,
framed photographs of loved ones
and conquered her mountain –
her old house.

On the peak
she stretched her arms wide,
welcoming the onslaught
of metal
tearing the sky in two.

She reached,
wanting to grab them
and throw then back,
but she couldn’t,
so she embraced them,
enchanting them
with the smile that grew
as the screams drew
from her gut,
raw with stress and ulcer,
and let rip at the now distant
rumble above.


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