The Girl Who Put The Angel On The Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas everyone! This is a time for being thoughtful and positive – to look back and to prepare to spring forward into a new year.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday season wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing.

The Girl Who Put The Angel On The Christmas Tree

As green turns to red
and red turns to blue
and blue turns to yellow,
and it all starts again.
Lights nuzzled in tinsel
illuminate the indulgence below
the artificial limbs,
never bare,
of the tree
topped with an angel
looking down on the family
and guarding presents.

As five piles are made,
from the stack of wrapped
thoughts and wishes,
the youngest looks envious
at the eldest ones stack,
but the middle stares
longingly at the youngest,
who’s packages are wider
and the eldest knows what’s inside,
and she’s fine with it.

The smallest two piles,
are for Mum
and for Dad,
with their children too young
to have much to spend.
So again this year they’ll be
pasta shapes glued to paper,
showered with glitter
from the youngest of critters.
And then they’ll be a mug,
just one between the pair,
from the middle child –
old enough to see the need for practicality,
but not mature enough to appreciate aesthetics.

The oldest of the trio,
was born on the day of resurrection.
She breathed into the world,
gasped and screamed
and then went silent –
and stayed that way for
two days
and two nights.

The tiny new life fought and
her parents prayed,
and doctors worked,
nurses grafted,
and she came back strong.

So now she’s just pleased,
some seventeen years later,
to be gazed upon lovingly
by grateful parents
and siblings who still don’t know
just how close they came
to being a pair.

Every year the indomitable trio
fight and squabble,
about who will tread the four-step ladder,
and perch that angel.
But the parents always step in,
as the first playful fists fly,
and hand it to the girl,
a reward for her fight,
and from Christmas morning
when they open the socks, the chocolates,
and the crystal swan that she has given,
to the evening where all three snooze
on the sofa,
full of selection boxes and pigs in blankets,
they’re thankful for the trio,
and the real gift they gave –
the time together.



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