The Weather Girl

The Weather Girl

Stand taller,
and with a fiercer bark –
but keep the tenderness,
hold on
to the smile that enchants,
the flick of the hair
and the poise of a woman
full of dexterity,
a master of life.

Ill winds once blew,
bringing aching hearts and tears,
but stay faithful to self.

You can’t control the weather
and those winds,
well, they’re still blowing
the troubles
that ripped and tore
and tossed your spirit
until you thought you’d crack,
far away
and each day
becomes clearer, lighter.
Now you must grow again,
the broken limbs of life.

Create something,
built on foundations,
already years in the development
with the love
of family
and friends
to keep you strong,

Delight in the leaves that are blowing
in the aftermath
of that ill wind,
until the sun comes out,
because it will,
never doubt. You.


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