Not A Scrouger – The tale of a food bank shopper

A lot is being said recently about the fact that David Cameron, and his Con-Dem coalition, have forced many people – working and otherwise – to rely on food banks to eat.

Even the church has come out against it, and it’s not very often the hand that feeds is bitten by them.

Many think that some choose to be unemployed, choose to take food donated, but if you think about it – consider the lengths you’d go to just to make sure your family are fed?

Unemployment can happen to anyone. It is not a crime to be unemployed, but perhaps it should be a crime to continue to blame the bad situations people are in on the poor (and immigrants) and not accept any blame yourself?

Just a final thought while we’re here…perhaps if the HMRC spent less money on radio advertisements aimed at threatening small self-employed business people over the deadline for their tax returns and more money on tax investigators to go after people like Amazon, Starbucks, Top Shop and so on, then we’d not even have to have this discussion.

Or maybe they’re just waiting to dump us in Crossbones like the Government’s of yesteryear did to those they deemed undesirable?

Not a Scrounger – The Tale of a Food Bank Shopper

Handing over potatoes

in a ripped supermarket bag

to a man wearing

a torn brown trench coat

is not charity.

He queues for hours

so he can be sure his children don’t have to sleep

with aching stomachs.

He stares at the table of food,

a once swaggering hero of the community,

now stripped of majesty.

Thrusting Yorkshire tea bags

and canned stew into his rucksack,

he is naked at our whimsy.

He waits.

His eyes widen,

hoping that more food will come.

Not enough was given.

He will have to go home,

unarmed with dinner.



he mutters his thank you.

He’ll be back next week.

It’s what parents do.

Hard days and hungry nights don’t make a scrounger.


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