Kissing In The Stars – a poem from a plane

I’m on a plane…(the plane has wifi)

I’ve written a poem…

It’s beautiful up here.

Kissing In The Stars

Just a hundred years ago,
you could only kiss on the streets,
now you can gaze from the sky
and hold your lover,
next to the stars,
sat with the gods,
living and breathing above a scale model of the world.

As wing tips caress clouds,
and engines purr to make a vacuum,
the window rattling next to me
that looks too thin to keep me safe,
shows me the breadth of it all,
the majesty of twenty five thousand feet of space between me,
and the crust.

Rivers meander over
the dark ground below,
their trickles shimmering
as the last sun crawls against their inland tides.
The street lamps of nameless towns,
cut off from one another by pitch dark fields,
show us the way,
whereas once the sun and the moon guided,
now the illumination from below
takes us onwards to the unknown.

Seeing what for a millennia and more,
could only be dreamed,
it’s when you reach five hundred miles per hour
and you realise you’re a thousand miles from home,
that you know you’ve seen more in one flight than history saw before you.



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