Political Appointment

Working in and around the political arena gives you a real insight into the terror that politicians strike into everyday people.

Knowing, through experience, that politicians and those who work with them are just people makes the knowledge of what some of them do even worse.

The more people stand by idly and ignorant of politics, the harder others will have to fight when they come for them, because they will. Because they’re coming for everyone except their own.

Political Appointment

I am a political appointment,
one forged in the blast furnace
of your ideology.
We are the slag your actions leave behind,
and you continue to douse the spirit
of my neighbours
less lucky than I,
who claimed from the state,
whose lives are a state
confined to a chair,
from where they bare their soul
once a fortnight
to a bureaucrat behind a desk
instructed to condemn them.

I am a political appointment,
not a flag waving
rosette wearer,
but one forced by you
to take a stand
and defend our land
so that those who live,
and those that come,
can find relief for the ailments
that steal away their nights rest.

I am a political appointment
who kneels
and calls for their mother
face taut,
footprints scaring my clothes
as you repel my right to stand,
as I do doing nothing more than holding a placard
displaying my belief that,
in my most humble manner,
you’re wrong.

I am a political appointment,
and you’re unkind,
but leading our land.


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