Idealism – a poem reflecting on the apathy of political bystanders

Two leaders of the left died this week. Two people who transformed the landscape for so many and two men often mocked for believing that we shouldn’t all kneel to those in suits.

I find it sad that many people choose to not involve themselves in the political process because by not doing so you give them the right to ignore you.

Under 25’s face awful threats of cuts to their support, and guess who are least likely to vote?

By not involving yourself you let them get away with it. If more people vote, then less and less will sub-par politicians be able to dictate policies that cause so much pain.

It’s a testament to the unions that tube drivers have a wage equal to what they should have, and sadly telling that others lag so far behind. It’s not the other way round. One doesn’t have too much, the other doesn’t have enough.

RIP Bob Crow and Tony Benn.


Tell me,
oh, sorry to disturb you but I must ask:
sat there watching the widescreen
on tick from a catalogue
microwaving your dinner,
why have you let someone born into money
tell you that equality and fairness is idealism and cannot,
should not happen?

When a man stands up for the jobs of the men and women who face seeing their families go without unless he does,
you scoff
and ridicule
and make snide comments to television cameras shoved in your face
to gauge your reaction at having to walk a mile to work.

When a man stands alone on a podium
below the banner of those disposed before
as a reminder that it can happen to anyone,
and he tells you that you deserve better,
you jeer
and turn away.

You read your history books in school,
and saw the women chained the railings,
being beaten, arrested, then force fed,
but on polling day you stay at home
then complain that your means of survival are cut,
your prescriptions cost more
and your child has more homework in a night than you had in a month.

But you dare to complain,
when it’s not fair on
dare to say your tax pounds shouldn’t help those who have fallen on hard times
while expecting support yourself,
because in your case –
it’s not your fault.
Despite this,
you buy your Christmas presents online,
your coffee in chains
and your phone contract from people who don’t contribute a penny to your National Health Service.

The teachers, tube drivers and firemen who stand together
for their right to have a career with the remuneration they went into it being promised,
or worse,
standing together for their jobs,
are opening mocked and humiliated in the press,
and the streets.

Why have you let people tell you that the basic rights of others are wrong?

Wake up and realise that idealism isn’t wrong,
idealism can happen –
if only you made the decision to make it happen.



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