National Borders – a poem for UN World Poetry Day

It’s UN World Poetry Day today and I wanted a share a poem.

I strongly believe that at a time that we’re stood on the brink of yet another armed conflict over man-made lines on a map, we should be vigilant and hold those tyrants who wage war for the earth to account.

National Borders

Arrogant men,
who forget what they’d do
if they had to look into the
starving, gaunt,
torn faces,
of their countries children,
for borders.

with privilege
of birth,
skin pale,
they build.
Restricting entry
god given lands
they swore to protect
from ailing masses
looking for sanctuary.

No wise man
stops a family surviving,
by starving the provider
of their tools of enterprise,
and punishing
them for being ‘foreign’ born.

We all came
from one place.
We were,
and are,
all the same.
But you forget,
in your rush to
secure superiority,
need is not want.


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