Education Matters

I’ve always believed in the power of words.

Words can be used to harm, maim or destroy – and equally they can be used to build, strengthen and show solidarity.

Positive words are better than negative words, always.

I write creatively, with a reasonable amount of success, but I also write factually, with a much greater level of success.

I work for a charity, before that I worked for the NHS, and I am proud of the contribution to society that I have made.

My proudest moment I think was being part of the team that changed the law in England, Wales and Scotland so that young people in foster care could stay with their foster carers until the age of 21.

This was done through months of campaigning, media activity and sheet persistence.

I care deeply and passionately about my work and it’s a source of much joy to me that I can do the job I do.

I wrote this article, an interview with a care leaver, for a magazine as part of my job and I wanted to share it because I believe in its message – anyone with a bit of application can make the most of educational opportunities if they’re given them.

My education changed my life and has enabled me to have incredible adventures, and I believe that everyone should be entitled to the same.

You can read the article here: Education Matters


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