Who is Tom Ditto? by Danny Wallace

Who is Tom Ditto? is the latest novel from Dan of all trades, Danny Wallace.

Danny writes like you’re his only reader. Who Is Tom Ditto? covers such a breadth of topics, from love and loss to career insecurity, that there is something for everyone to relate to. The story follows protagonist Tom as he navigates a world that is quietly removing any sense of control that he has. WITD

As with all good fiction, there are chance encounters and plot twists, but what Danny does well is make everything relevant to keep you observing throughout and, something important to me as I don’t cope well with a cliff hanger, he ties up his loose ends. The book knows its potential readership and serves them well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it for anyone who has known the hustle of a city environment, because to have experienced that is to know how lonely and how invigorating it can be – something the book captures superbly. Danny has done in this book, what many fail to do, he has written an excerpt of real life.

You can buy Who Is Tom Ditto? from local bookstores and Danny’s own website.

Also if anyone is interested, I interviewed Danny a couple of years back and you can read that here. *SPOILER* he’s an amazing human being.

Enjoyment rating

Rating four


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