We Are For Peace

Today is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, and the beginning of the end of the Second World War.

The people who fought did so to give people like me the opportunity to pursue lives that we can love.

Sadly we’re not out of the shadow of war throughout the world, but I hope that one day it will be so, and their sacrifice will payoff with the ultimate dividend.

We Are For Peace

Palms gripping rifles
drip with sweat,
and the salty slurry of sea water
drenches the last tabs to be drawn on
before the landing craft doors fling open.
Smashing surf,
metal meets sand,
the fearful brave are introduced to
their Capa captured duty.

They run
and run
by god they run.
biting bullets and shrapnel
and spitting it back.
Mouthful, by mouthful,
denting and breaking an ideology
bent on destruction.

They ran because they knew,
or felt,
that darkness was drowning
right in wrong
just beyond the beachhead.

For King and country?
For the common men and women
in chains,
voices castrated by fear
and guns.
For the children –
who without them,
no more dawns.

As the last post rings out,
around a Ranville dusted in peace,
we know the truth.
They did not die.

The white stones,
shaped into crosses that bear names of those who will never age,
twinkle in the sunlight.
A field of bright eyes
and the puffed out chests
of Tommy’s,
live and breathe
and pass their stories on,
under the watchful gaze
of those held prisoner for a lifetime by experience,
and their kin.

Nous sommes pour la paix.
Wir sind für den prieden.
We are for peace.



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